Rellim Orchard

Peach Varieties

Peaches grown at Rellim all mature in the month of August.  All our peaches are freestone types.  We also grow two varieties of nectarines and two white fleshed peach varieties.  Our peaches are grown in a high-density system known as the "perpendicular V" developed by Drs. Ted DeJong  and Scott Johnson, and Farm Advisor Kevin Day at the University of California. 'Bounty' and 'Sweet-N-UP' were developed by Dr. Ralph Scorza at the local USDA-ARS research station.
Peach Varieties Grown: Bounty, Blushingstar (white fleshed), Cresthaven, Flamin Fury 28-007, Lady Nancy (white fleshed), and Sweet-N-UP.
Nectarines Grown: Fantasia and Redgold.
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