Rellim's Establishment and brief History

 Rellim, which is Miller spelled backward, is the second oldest  continuous operating orchard in the state of West Virginia and is  designated on the National Register of Historic Sites.  For Abraham,  Rellim was his only occupation, but for Paul Sr., Charles, and now  Steve, Rellim has been a second job.  Steve worked as a tree fruit  scientists for 40 years prior to assuming full responsibility at  Rellim.  Dr. Steve still maintains contact with his many colleagues at  the nearby Appalachian Fruit Research Station where he served as a  Research Horticulturist, Research Leader, and Director for 32 years. 


"Rellim  was named and established in 1880 by Abraham S. Miller and his wife  Susan Turner Miller.  Rellim operated as a dairy and nursery farm  growing fruits and garden plants for sale.  Rellim continued operating  in this manner until Mr. Miller's death in 1929 when the farm passed to  one of his 4 sons, Paul E. Miller Sr.  Paul  began converting the farm  to a tree fruit orchard operation during the 1930s.  By 1950 Rellim was a  tree fruit orchard growing tart and sweet cherries and apples.  Upon  his death in 1958 one of his three sons, Charles H. Miller, assumed  operation of the orchard.  Peaches were added to the orchard in the  early 1980s.  Charles Miller passed away in 2013 at which time his son,  Steve, assumed operation of the orchard under the name Rellim Orchard  LLC.  Today apples are the primary tree fruit crop grown making up  70%  of the total fruit produced at Rellim.  Cherries make up approximately  20% and peaches the remaining 10% of Rellim's crop.  The bulk of the  apple crop is sold to food processors.  Local sales have become more  important in Rellim's operation over the past 20 years.  Every effort is  made to harvest fruit at the peak of maturity when flavor is at its  best.  

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