Apple prices for 2019 are as follows*:                Ground apples:
     half-peck - $5.00                                                bushel - $4.00
     peck - $8.00                                                       field bin - $60.00
     half-bushel - $14.00
     bushel - $23.00
 *except Honeycrisp
We are OPEN for apple sales (fall apple sales; generally after September 20th) Monday,  Friday and Saturday, 10 AM until 5  PM. We are also open on select Wednesdays - call the orchard before  coming, 304-876-2095. 

Peach prices for 2019 are as follows:

    half peck - $6.00; peck - $9.00; half bushel - $16.00; and bushel - $28.00

Cherry prices for 2019 are as follows:

    quart - $4.00; half gallon - $7.00; gallon -$12.00

Call the orchard to find out when we are OPEN  for fruit sales.  If no one answers, listen to the recorded message for information.  You may leave us a message after the recorded message has played.

 Our fruit at Rellim is sold at the apple  barn built in 1912 originally as a dairy barn.  We only sell fresh fruit  from our orchard that we ourselves pick.  All our fruit is priced and  sold by volume.  For cherries we sell by the quart, half-gallon and  gallon.

Peaches, pears, and apples are sold by the half-peck, peck, half-bushel, and  bushel.  Ground apples, sometimes called "deer apples" are sold by the  bushel or field bin (18 bushels )